March 20, 2012

Almost Spring!

Today was a very nice one, so I decided to walk along the river. Since my Fred de la Bretoniere heels were already locked up in my closet for almost a year, I wanted to wear them definitely again today. I like them, since they are made of exceptional good quality and they walk as a pair of sneakers. 
If you look outside the window and you see the wonderful sun shining on your bright face, you are thinking of spring! 



Spring, this is what I was thinking of this morning. And when I'm thinking of spring, I see all different kinds of colorful flowers around me that should smell delightful. This is exactly why I like all these fierce colors that could be found in all stores right now. 
In my eyes, you don't have to combine these fierce colors with 'crazy' cloths. I showed that you can combine a fierce color as green, perfectly with a nice light green pants. This combination could be a bit more businesslike or commonly. 
The earrings are one of my favorite ones, very colorful but still decent.





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