May 11, 2012

pastel look

Pants: ZARA
Top: Ambika
Necklace: Primark
Bracelets: Primark
Nails: Chanel
Shoes: Pretty Ballerina

May 4, 2012

blue skirt(s)

A blue skirt is always charming and perfect for summer. You can combine the blue skirt with a striped shirt or just with something simple: anything you would like to. The color suits a lot of people and you can combine it with many many colors. The striped shirt gives the outfit a sailing look, which is indeed perfect for summer! Wear it at the beach, when shopping or just on a lazy sunny day. I wanted to have braids in my hear with these looks, just to give it more like a twist. I hope to see a lot more women/girls wearing blue skirts in spring/summer times!