March 31, 2012

baggy look

Today was my baggy day. It was very cloudy, so I felt like my baggy pants. I like my shabbies Amsterdam shoes with these pants. These shoes are also very nice with a colorful jeans, but if you are wearing them with these pants, it makes the whole look a bit shabby. This is exactly why I chose to wear a hat. I don't wear this hat very often, but when I wear it, I very much like it. The watch is of the brand fossil. It is an unisex watch, which makes it tough and perfect for this look. I actually saw two men wearing the same watch today, quite funny. 

March 26, 2012

Orange dress

I finally recovered from my wisdom teeth extraction operation. After having had a lot of pain, I finally felt better today. So today, it was time for a nice dress. This dress is very popular in lots of the spring/summer 2012 collections. I like the color, since it is a real eye catcher. The light blue clutch and shoes make the look a bit more special. It is an ideal combination for a spring afternoon high tea session!

Dress: Sam and Diego
Clutch: Claudia Strater
Shoes: New Look

March 22, 2012

Caroline Biss jacket

I'm totally in love with my Caroline Biss jacket. The jacket is filled with shoulder pads, which gives the jacket a bit of a funky style. The earrings with the plumage, together with the DKNY bag, make the look flourish! 

March 21, 2012

Let Vegetarianism grow on you

Hot in the fashion world is: clothing made of food. It could be any food, that has been used to make al these clothes. last summer, we already saw Lady Gaga in a dress made of meat. This time the emphasis is more on different kinds of fruit or uncooked food. Even the big brands as Louis Vuitton, Moncler and Alexander McQueen believe in this vegetarianism on the body.

Recycled Fashion

Look what I found on the internet :) These dresses are all made of recycled materials. Most people think that fashion made of recycled materials, is boring or not fashionable enough. I want to show you that recycled fashion could be fashionable indeed. If you look at these dresses, you wouldn't say that these dresses are made of used plastic or old papers. Ecological clothes are trendy! And since we are running out of our raw materials in the near future, we have to change to a more sustainable way of living. Remember: Going green is trendy! Be proud to go green!

Dress made of old VOGUES
Dress made of balloons

March 20, 2012

Officially Spring!

Finally it's Spring! Couldn't wait any longer. So time for bare legs. Today I chose a very simple black dress from the ZARA. I combined this black dress with a Dior clutch and French Minelli shoes, which I bought in Nice (France). Together with my Pearl- earrings and bracelet, it made the look complete. 
On my toenails, I'm wearing my favorite (nail polish) brand: CHANEL.

Almost Spring!

Today was a very nice one, so I decided to walk along the river. Since my Fred de la Bretoniere heels were already locked up in my closet for almost a year, I wanted to wear them definitely again today. I like them, since they are made of exceptional good quality and they walk as a pair of sneakers. 
If you look outside the window and you see the wonderful sun shining on your bright face, you are thinking of spring! 



March 18, 2012