May 11, 2012

pastel look

Pants: ZARA
Top: Ambika
Necklace: Primark
Bracelets: Primark
Nails: Chanel
Shoes: Pretty Ballerina

May 4, 2012

blue skirt(s)

A blue skirt is always charming and perfect for summer. You can combine the blue skirt with a striped shirt or just with something simple: anything you would like to. The color suits a lot of people and you can combine it with many many colors. The striped shirt gives the outfit a sailing look, which is indeed perfect for summer! Wear it at the beach, when shopping or just on a lazy sunny day. I wanted to have braids in my hear with these looks, just to give it more like a twist. I hope to see a lot more women/girls wearing blue skirts in spring/summer times!

April 29, 2012

Sporty TQ jacket & the big bag

Newest and limited edition of the CHANEL JEANS collection. Wonderful color!!

The sporty jacket is also adorable with a pair of jeans

Sporty Jackey: TQ
Vest: ZARA
Black Jeans: ZARA
Big bag: Pinq
Shoes: Van Assem shoes
Nail polish Chanel

April 25, 2012

viva Madrid

Madrid is very much under-appreciated by many people. Barcelona is still the number one tourist city in Spain. However, I hope that this view will change soon, since I fell in love with this gorgeous city. But the rivalry between the two cities is enormous, you can feel this passion in every citizen. This could be seen with the football-match (soccer game), between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Madrid won, which made the city explode. People shouted, yelled and partied the whole night long. This passion for football is inside the Spanish people. I have visited Barcelona (and other places in Spain) many times, but I had never been to Madrid, which in the end was a pity. The relaxed atmosphere, the gentil & stylish people and the beautiful sculptures and buildings that the city counts, were stunning! I started loving its people, which were so stylish and wore the most exclusive and trendy fashion. I came across the most beautiful shops and cute restaurants that Madrid has. I really recommend people to visit Madrid and if you are doubting between Barca and Madrid.. Madrid is the place to be, especially for fashionista's!

El Retiro park

Palacio Real

Bought the most amazing shoes!

Always a wonderful collection

Egyptian holy place

Walking down the streets with my nikies on

Still in love with C.Ronaldo <3

colorful fruity woman

traditional clothing

cute bar

Manoush, a store never to forget! 

Madrid 2012

April 19, 2012

Black style

Blouse: Pull & Bear
Watch: Michael Kors
Heels: DKNY
Belt: Clausi Sträter
Bag: Ebay
Pants: Monki